About Us

About Our Company

Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo (you strike the women, you strike a rock)

Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd is a pioneering 100% female led and owned 7(GB) and 7(CE) construction company that specializes in General Construction and all Civil Engineering works. Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd was created for the sole purpose of minimizing the gender gap and prioritizing the inclusivity of women in the construction industry.

We aim to change the narrative of male domination within the built industry by means of prioritizing the employment, promotion, upliftment, skills development and empowerment of women.

Our Vision

To be the biggest 100% female owned construction company in South Africa with a significant and recognizable global footprint. We also aim to ensure the enhancement of the role of women in the construction industry while running a profitable and sustainable business unit that would be an intergenerational enterprise that will change and positively affect many women’s lives.

Our Mission

Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd’s mission is continuing to strive in the development and empowerment of black women and ensuring the involvement and participation of previously disadvantaged females in our projects by equipping them with skills and jobs.

We aim to guide and assist women to form as part of an equitable and inclusive part of the built environment.

Our Values

Safety and Quality Assurance

We strive to operate in accordance with the highest standards of work, ensuring world-class quality control while adhering to strict safety procedures and laws in line with safety practices. We are highly committed to preventing injury and accidental loss of any staff members or that of our stakeholders.


We pride ourselves with sincere, fair and honest ways in conducting our business and without compromise; abiding to the rules, regulations and industry policies.

Successful Partnerships

Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd provides value added construction services to its clients by creating a wholly involved and successful partnership throughout the building process from initiation to completion of the project. We believe in performance excellence and delivering excellent workmanship.

Changing Lives

Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd’s purpose is to make meaningful differences in our communities and is committed to changing the lives of our communities and different individuals from socio-economically deprived communities. Our key focus areas are within housing, social development, education and skills development programs.